Virtually Special- Friday Flash Fics- Friday March 30th, 2018.

I really resonated with the pic this week for  Friday Flash Fics   and it helps me to dovetail back into the world of Allan, Luke and Doron.

If you’d like to just jump to the piece, be my guest. If you want a recap, read on! In the first piece Virtually Healed the polyamorous trio are caught up in an outdoor shooting which  immobilizes Luke and Allan and kills Doron. With experimental surgery and some TLC from Dan, their nurse,  Luke and Allan start the slow road to regain their mobility. In the second piece Virtually Duped, Allan and Luke continue to  recover and discover Dan is actually an undercover agent investigating BioCron’s methods for their secretive spinal replacement surgeries. Dan helps soften the loss of Doron in some romantic Virtual Reality Simulated dates with Luke and Allan. (They are put into the VR Simulator when work needs to be done on their new spines) In the third piece, Virtually Home after feeling like captives at BioCron, Luke and Allan are finally able to fly to Paris and scatter Doron’s ashes behind the The Musee de l’Orangerie, as was his wish. Dan has reason to believe the  shootings weren’t random and is biding is time to gain more access behind the scenes. In the fourth piece, “The Prince of Poly-Philanthropy” Luke and Allan fly down to the south of France and over to Monaco and reminisce about their lost love Doron, who had a mild obsession with Princess Grace of Monaco. Strange things start happening with their spines while they are in VR Sim. In the fifth piece, “Virtually Free”  Allan and Luke are allowed to live at home but start having problems with the spines and need frequent tune ups at BioCron. Dan has become a more steady love interest for Luke and Allan as Dan slowly gets his higher security clearance at BioCron- and access to all of the confidential files. In this sixth piece,  the mutating genes that helped Dr. Chandral fix Allan’s and Luke’s spines start to reveal some extra gifts that Allan and Luke didn’t have before.



Virtually Special 

Luke hadn’t dreamt of flying since he was a teenager.
When he was going through puberty his dreams consisted of
him jumping off a retaining wall or the side of a skyscraper in the moonlight, swooping down close to the street or the river, before flying back up to perch on a ledge. He felt like his skin cells were charged by the moonlight, he always felt a surge from being bathed in it’s gravitational field. Recently, Luke’s dreams took on such a realistic feel he couldn’t ever be sure if he were awake or still asleep.
He dreamt he was sixteen again, and he was having more flying dreams except this time- he was flying around fully naked. One night he was having a particularly powerful dreamscape, and he swooped in through an open window, drawn to the warmth of the bed. Vibrational echoes of the couple having sex in that same bed moments ago, taunted him.
As he lay there for a rest, aching, he stared out at the moon.
The longer he stared at it, the less he ached- channeling his desire through his eye gaze.
Soon he discovered he could shrink the moon to the size of a tennis ball by willing it with his mind.
 Before he knew it he had willed the shrunken moon out of the night sky and had it levitating in his palm. Flexing his mind-muscle further, he shrank it to as small as the size of a brilliant marble, and then to the size of a small volleyball.
Completely entranced with his own abilities to shape his dream-world, he closed his eyes, and wrapped his arms around the moon-sphere. As he exhaled, he imagined changing the molecular structure so that it could be soft, like a pillow. His fingers traced the warmth of the surface, hugging it close to his body as he felt the surface features morph into cotton fibers.
 Just then a harsh wind kicked up, bouncing an icy breeze over Luke’s young,
naked torso. Warmth.  I want this surface’s warmth…all over me.  
Luke inhaled the sensation of the warm surface into his mind’s eye,
and as he exhaled his eyes opened just slightly enough to watch as
the warm moon-pillow changed into pure energy, and was completely
enveloped into his solar plexis chakra. Warm and charged with this new energy,
Luke shot up in the bed like a bolt of electricity. He hugged his knees in close as he started levitating.
His eyes closed as his body started spinning; he was making himself into a ball of energy.
He was going to become the essence of the moon.
He felt unstoppable.
Dan  heard the crash from the control room. Allan brought Luke in two nights ago
to BioCron after finding him floating above the bed sheets. When Luke clipped his head on the ceiling fan that night he woke with such a start that he inadvertently catapulted himself in the wrong direction, breaking his nose on the ceiling.  Understandably, Allan was worried for Luke’s safety.
Also, Allan started to hear what he thought at first, were voices.
Allen had childhood precognition that has morphed recently into adult telepathy.
The only problem is he was unable to control the endless flood of random thoughts of other people’s minds.
So while he was plenty concerned about Luke, he was also relieved to get some help at BioCron to control his subconscious reach into other people’s minds. It was the fault of BioCron’s randomly mutating gene design, the gene that helped Dr. Chandrel to repair their entire spinal structures in the first place. It also explained why they were constantly being monitored by BioCron and also why Dr. Chandrel couldn’t predict how the mutations would manifest, if at all.
As soon as Dan turned the lights on, Luke’s eyes shot open as he was rotating in a fetal position above the bed, naked. Also levitating were the side table and alarm clock-the pitcher of water and lamp had already dropped to the ground when Allan made initial contact.
  Allan, still asleep, felt Luke’s thoughts long before he opened his eyes.
Lower yourself, gently! Allan reminded Luke with his thoughts.
This was the first time that Allan was able to actually make mental contact with Luke. Whatever shot the techs gave him had the focusing effect of a sharp lens, and Allan could now directly sense the thoughts of others, instead of being randomly bombarded like a one-way open antenna.
Allan opened his eyes and watched Dan as he made his way over to Luke, who was now descending slowly back onto the bed. Allan felt his genuine care as Dan kissed Luke’s forehead and helped him back under the covers- and then Allan felt something else, sharply and distinctly.
He felt it coming down the hallway, and at first Allan thought he had gone completely insane but there was no way he could be mistaken; thoughts and emotional resonances don’t lie. They are as identifiable as fingerprints. No, what he was sensing was definitely real. It was real and it caught him so off guard there was no way around it and no masking his thoughts from entering Luke’s mind:
“What do you mean he’s here, Allan? Doron?”
Just then Doron appeared in the doorway, dressed in a funny looking rubberized suit, handcuffed, and
escorted by two guards in protective gear.
“My loves… at last! We have a lot of catching up to do! “

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